Aromatherapy Blends To Relieve:

Stress  Anxiety  Lack of Concntration  Mental Fatigue  Sleeplessness Inspire a Positive Emotional State  Enhance Your Physical Wellness Relax/Calm The Mind  Relieve Headaches

Clarity Blend 14 Essential Oils In Rollon Or Spray

Clarity Blend 6 Essential Oils In Rollon Or Spray

How our pain Relief and Aromatherapy Products Work

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Terpenes are powerful compounds found across the entire plant world. The power of terpenes has been used for centuries for their therapeutic benefits. Terpenes, also known as isoprenoids, of naturally occurring medicinal compounds found in essential oils.

Terpenes are potent even when inhaled (Aromatherapy) in the air and can relieve stress anxiety help calm mind improve mood and more..

We use Terpenes in our Pain Relief and Aromatherapy Products as they have amazing healing properties which can help relieve chronic pain, inflammation ligament, muscle pain and help with variety of health problems.

Examples some of the terpenes we use in chart:

Terpenes used HealMe NZ (1).png
HEALME NZ (11).png